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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 13, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> washington mutual takes the hot seat on capitol hill. the obama administration is reported major gains in efforts to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists. >> as the summit wrapped up, president obama warned delegates that they have much more work to do to keep the world safe. greta kreuz is live with more on the progress. >> the president says terrorist nuclear attacks are the greatest threat in world today and world leaders endorsed the call to remove all materials in the next four years. >> to post-cold war era was supposed to end the threat of nuclear annihilation. instead, president obama told world leaders that has been replaced by a new threat,
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nuclear attacks by terrorists. >> terrorist networks have tried to acquire the materials for nuclear weapons and if they ever succeeded, it would be a catastrophe for the world. >> the white house says the summit made significant gains. ukraine, canada and mexico agreed to get rid of their stockpiles of enriched uranium and all 47 nations will work to secure nuclear materials in the next four years. secretary of state hillary clinton and her russian counterpart agreed to dispose of enough plutonium to build 17,000 nuclear weapons. the two-day summit ambitious agenda underscored an even more ambitious goal. " our ultimate goal is a world without nuclear weapons. >> the white house says they
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accomplished a major short-term goal persuading china to sanction -- to approve sanctions against iran. >> to wthank you. constance holden died after a d.c. national guard vehicles struck her yesterday on 12th street and new york ave. she was just feet from her job at the american association for the advancement of science. she worked there for more than 40 years. >> it is a shock. we celebrate her life and we feel privileged to have worked with her. >> it bicyclist association plans to install a memorial at the scene of the accident which is still under investigation. michelle obama made a surprise visit to the devastated capital of haiti today.
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the first lady and joe biden took a helicopter -- took a helicopter tour of port-au- prince. she made the surprise stopped on her way to mexico. new developments in that police beating caught on tape in a park. police have launched an investigation but the student's family says the attack was unprovoked and some are calling for accountability. brad bell has the latest. >> accountability is a bit of an understatement. the family is calling for prison time for the officers involved. we heard from the chief of police who said he had launched an investigation. one officer has been suspended and they are working to identify the others involved. the videotaped beating of the student but prince george's county police has gone viral. it has become a nightmare for a
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police agency which only recently cleared of civil rights violations. the chief stood in front of the vast majority of his command promising he will get to the bottom of the matter. >> we are a professional police department and we will not tolerate any type of inappropriate behavior by any of our employees. >> one police officer has been suspended. the others involved have not yet been identified. the grandfather of the young man in video says they need to be punished. >> they should go to jail. not just kicked off the force. not just relieved of duties. go to jail. >> he knows the law, he is a retired montgomery county circuit court judge. they say the officers swigging the batons at his head and body are guilty of felonies. >> they should be tried and i am
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reasonably confident they would be convicted of a prime -- of a crime with intent to maim at a minimum. >> those decisions will probably be made by the prince george's county state's attorney who has launched an investigation into what happened out there that night in march in college park. another investigation, the fbi has gotten a hold of this tape. a federal investigation is under way. brad bell, abc 7 news. for the first time since the 2008 collapse, executives from washington mutual were in the hot seat in front of congress. the mortgage lending operations were fraudulent and they failed to spot the deceptive practices. the former ceo defended the company's actions.
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>> we were working our way through the crisis by reducing operating costs, raising over $10 billion of additional capital and setting aside substantial reserves. >> recent crises were not a natural disaster. there were a man-made economic assault. people did it. >> the senate panel will decide how to proceed on for possible criminal prosecution. metro suspended two employees following a derailment last month. but a train being moved inside the railyard was derailed. the two violated standard operating procedures. maryland governor martin o'malley has signed several bills into law. he signed about 170 bills,
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including one to strengthen protection of children on waterways. senators voted to allow texting only when a vehicle is at a stoplight or not in motion . coming up, a twister says it is time to cash in on millions of users. >> a landmark abortion bill is signed into law. it could get a new legal foundation to abortion restrictions. >> we have a close eye on the rain pattered moving to the area.
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israel sent an urgent warning to citizens to leave the sinai peninsula immediately. officials said they have concrete evidence of suspected terrorist plot to kidnap israelis. israel holds a standing travel advisory to the sinai because of the threat of terror attacks. nebraska lawmakers approved a bill banning
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abortions of 20 weeks based on the assertion that fetuses feel pain. the bill was meant to stop late term abortions in and of the few states where doctors are willing to provide them. president obama began the second day of the regular summit on a somber note. >> the moment of silence to show that solidarity to honor those who were lost. >> poland lost as president, first lady, joint chiefs and other dignitaries. the flight was headed to russia when it went down, killing 96 people. president obama will attend the funeral on sunday. which is trying to turn its popularity into profits. the growing company could tweet
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twitter has announced they will take steps to cash in their worldwide popularity. >> after much resistance to traditional advertising models, they revealed a new campaign connecting tweed's to advertisers and businesses. >> there is no doubt that twitter is an internet hit with more than 75 million users including celebrities and other public figures. police department's send out weeds to warn motorists of traffic accidents twitter believes it is time to cash in on all of those users and of course this is the first time they're launching something that will be an ongoing revenue stream for the company where they are inserting adds.
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>> sponsored ads will appear when a user conducts a search. if somebody searches for starbucks, a promotional ad could appear at the top of the page. advertisers signed up already include starbucks, best buy, and a virgin america. >> as long as there are not pop ups and in my face, it probably would not bother me. >> for now, only adds a relevant to searches will appear. the advertising will not be interested. madison avenue is banking that twitter going to be hot. minor earthquake struck southwest virginia early this morning. the 2.5 magnitude earthquake
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was 8 miles north of richmond. it happened just after midnight. no damage was reported. >> it is a fairly common thing when there are that small. farther west, there are hot spots. south carolina and portions of misery -- portions of missouri, there are some hot spots. what did you updated on the rain. most of the heavier elements are passed on to the eastern shore. a few little patches to go. around 8:00 or 9:00 is when it will all end. and that is the trend. it might stop at 9:15 but you can see the back edge. we will have a different weather pattern moving in for the next few days.
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let's check a few stops. landover at 49. 46, that is chilly in fairfax. tomorrow, back where we belong in the mid 60's. here is the ford board but the official numbers. 100th of an inch of rain. dick g-8 and 48. below normal temperatures. -- 58 and 48. below normal temperatures. cool whether all through the mid-atlantic. a short drive to the south and west, you were in the warm air. look how big this area of warm air is. temperatures close to 70 in
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dallas. a huge area. it will go south the next few days. this dividing line between the warm and the chilly, that will be the active storm track. the next one will do the same pattern as we get through friday night and saturday morning. in between, a fair amount of sunshine. warm sunshine one day and cooler sunshine the next. back in the 60's. by the time we get to thursday and friday, back into the 70's. 64 for an afternoon high tomorrow. thursday, mid 70's. same on friday but with more clouds. cooler saturday and sunday. sunshine and a bit warmer on monday and tuesday. the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward.
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>> capitals and stanley cup. is it doable? >> absolutely. i think it will happen. it is time for playoff hockey. it starts thursday night at the phone book. game one with the montreal canadiens. bruce boudreau said that nicklas backstom is questionable but probable after being injured on sunday. bruce boudreau had been quiet about his starting goalie but said theodore will start between the pipes against the habs. he was a great comeback story. he was pulled early in the playoffs last year and suffered the loss of his infant son. since august, he has been phenomenal. >> what people did not realize is the 10 previous games before the playoffs, they were not anywhere near his 10 previous games were here. there is no short leash. he is the guy we're going to go with.
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>> bruce boudreau. the capitals had invited the fans to join them tomorrow morning at 10:30. they want you to rock to the red at practice. there was an extra pack in the step today. you could feel it at practice. there are ready to get it on. >> the last month or so, april you could say, we have had the president's trophy wrapped up. it is more of a relaxation time to get ready and amped up. people are pumped. the games will mean something again and that is important. >> hear this, one day after the district attorney declined to charge ben roethlisberger, ben roethlisberger was called in to meet with roger del. the nfl is not expected to announce any decision on a possible suspension for at least a few days. also today, big ben beef jerky has dropped ben roethlisberger
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as the spokesperson. the owner says that quarterback falls short of their standards. >> he does not like me and i am learning not to like him. he wants to break all my records, go for it. i do not care. i have done my job. my job is over. he has got, in my opinion, he has got to realize who he is. >> terry bradshaw. the nationals are 3-4 and have the day off. the new york yankees honk their 27th championship pennant today and beat the angels 7-5 to. if this was the winning run in the bottom of the aid. jorge posada into left field. four redskins fans, watch for fireworks before the draft.
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john gordon warned everybody not to be surprised if the washington redskins still take a quarterback during the draft despite donovan mcnabb. i believe jason campbell will be gone. >> this is getting interesting. ♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land
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♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring ♪
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never before heard interviews with former first lady jacqueline kennedy will be made public next year. in 1964, she sat down with interviews with a family friend. the former first lady discussed her marriage, the white house years and other personal events. there were kept sealed for an indefinite time but now her daughter is allowing the audiotapes to be widely released. let's get the latest on this cooler weather. >> one last look at the super doppler 7 radar. the rain continues to move southeast. it looks like it will end around 8:00 or 9:00. a much brighter day tomorrow. >> abc 7 news -- abc world goes is up next. have a good night.
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